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The following documents relate to our new before and after school club.

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Our Club Handbook provides all of the key information needed by parents about our club. Click below to download a copy.


Club Handbook (June 2021)


BASE Reopening on Monday 8th March 2021


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Annie Curl-Wride (BASE Manager) at the school in person, by phone (07395) 797507 or via email 


Policies in relation to the BASE can be downloaded below:


 Administering medication policy

 Admissions & fees policy  (June 2021)

 Aggressive behaviour policy

 Arrivals & departures policy  (June 2021)

 Behaviour management policy

 Child induction policy

 Complaints policy

 Equalities policy

 Illness & accidents policy

 Safeguarding policy

 Suspension & exclusion policy

 Uncollected children policy