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Parents' Guide to Google Classroom


This page has been created for parents and children to help you access and use Google Classroom, our online learning platform for all children at Churchdown Village Junior School.



What is Google Classroom?


Google Classroom is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet - laptops, desktop computers, Chromebooks, tablets or mobile phones. Pupils at CVJS will be encouraged to use Google Classroom as a resource to assist them both in the classroom and at home. Teachers can use Google Classroom to send announcements to entire classes and to share resources such as lesson ideas, PowerPoints, PDFs and homework. It can also be used to hold live Google Meets. These are restricted to the @cvjs domain, ensuring that only children within the school can access it.


Video - What is Google Classroom?



Video - How to submit an assignment in Google Classroom


How does it work?


Step-by-step parent instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom can be downloaded below.  


Children will all join their school 'Classroom' in school, so do not need a joining code or to do anything specific to gain access at home. Children just need to make sure that they are logged into their own Google account (home devices may default to other accounts) and their Classroom will be accessible.


We would suggest that after accessing your child's classroom, you and your child familiarise yourself with the platform together. This is where teachers will set work and send a daily message within the class stream. There will be a range of 'assignments' posted and some of the tasks can be uploaded/completed online for the teacher to view.  


Tasks (assignments) for the children to complete will be posted on a daily basis. If you miss any, do not worry as they remain in the classroom. A weekly overview will be posted in the classroom on Monday so that you are aware of what is coming up over the week. This overview will also be posted in the year group pages on the website.


Please remember to regularly discuss online safety with your children. Our Online Safety page has lots of advice.


If you have any problems with accessing or using Google Classroom, then please email and we will be happy to help.


  Parents' Step by Step Guide to Google Classroom


What if I've forgotten how to log in?


If you've forgotten your username, it is the first 4 letters of your first name, the first letter of your surname and the year that you will leave CVJS - followed by

(The year for Y6 is 22, for Y5 it is 23, for Y4 it is 24 and for Y3 it is 25).

So, Santa Claus in Year 3 would be

If you have forgotten your password, please email and we can reset it for you.