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Useful Links

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The purpose of this page is to provide children and families with a range of online resources that you can use during these difficult times that we currently face. While there is no statutory expectation (at the moment) that parents should complete school work with children, clearly you will want to look at ways of keeping children active in their learning during the coming days or weeks. It could also provide you with a good source of sanity while isolating together!


Please note that the resources that we have highlighted are those that we feel provide a range of activities for a broad range of children. We will endeavour to add to these as often as we can.


At the moment, we will not be sending workbooks home with children; these resources are there for you to use as you feel appropriate. Feel free to make a written log or diary of the work that the children do. Use any time that you are self-isolating to play lots of games together and do lots of reading.


CVJS Home Learning Website


 It is important, we feel, to get into a routine during the coming weeks. Although not compulsory, the following timetable might be a suggestion. This was found online, so may not be suitable to is simply an idea: