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THE CVJS Curriculum


The Churchdown Lionesses (action from the Pokemon National Cup) 


What is the curriculum?

'The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that each school plans for its pupils. The National Curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum.'  

Department for Education definition


Curriculum Information Evening - Presentation Slides (download here) 


  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Autumn 1 2023)

  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Summer 2 2023)

  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Summer 1 2023)

  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Spring 2 2023)

  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Spring 1 2023)

  Download the CVJS Reading Newsletter (Autumn 2022)



What drives our curriculum at CVJS? 

 We have developed a series of really short statements that set out what drives our curriculum. These are the reasons why we teach the topics and themes that we have planned. These are very important to us and, we hope, represent the Churchdown Village Junior School community.

 The CVJS Curriculum Drivers


What do we intend our curriculum to do? 

The CVJS Curriculum Intent Statement

To provide an enriching, inspiring and high quality education where all pupils feel motivated and engaged in their learning.

Through high quality learning opportunities and memorable experiences, children will build skills for life and knowledge of the wider world in a happy, safe and supportive environment.

To develop the whole child, both physically and mentally, in order to build resilient, confident and independent individuals who celebrate and respect each other and the world around us.

To promote and develop polite, honest, kind and respectful members of the school, local and global community.



Want to find out more? 

Please click the links below to see our year group's Topic Webs. These documents will give you an overview of the subject, topics, themes and learning objectives being covered. If you would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further details.






At CVJS, our main aim is to INSPIRE OUR LEARNERS. If we can do that, then it is the starting point for great learning and great achievement for everyone.


We send home examples of our work through our weekly newsletter, through invitations to the local community to join us and through regular Twitter updates.


The following documents represent our 'End of Year Expectations' for each year group. These are the key learning objectives in reading, writing and mathematics.


  End of Year Expectations - Year 3

  End of Year Expectations - Year 4

  End of Year Expectations - Year 5

  End of Year Expectations - Year 6


Click the link below to explore the National Curriculum in greater depth:


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