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CVJS Governor Profiles


Stewart Dove – Co-opted Governor & Chair of the Governing Body

Stewart is a senior manager for the University of Gloucestershire, with a responsibility for student welfare and associated services. Previous to this role he has worked in other management roles in higher education and also within the retail sector. Stewart joined the Governing Body 10 years ago and is currently the Chair of the Governing Body, as well as Chair of the Personnel Committee.  Stewart has 3 children, with two boys in Years 13 & 11 and a daughter in Year 7 at Crypt Grammar School (all 3 having previously been pupils at CVJS).


Kate Brumfield - Co-opted Governor

Kate was appointed as co-opted Governor in September 2018 and is an experienced primary school teacher who currently teaches Year Three at Hardwicke Parochial Academy. She is Chair of the Curriculum & SEN Committee and a member of the Finance & Premises Committee.  Kate is married to Dave, a serving Officer in the British Army.  Having settled in the area since 2014, they firmly see Churchdown as the family home.  She has two children - Daisy currently in Year 6 and William in Year 5.  In my free time, I enjoy running and playing netball. I am determined to provide my children, and other members of the school community, with a strong role model to demonstrate that anything can be achieved through hard work


Graham Ratcliffe - Co-opted Governor

Graham is a technology strategist for Microsoft, and works with large businesses on their use and plans for technology within their organisations.  Graham has broad experience of management, technology, and the associated finance elements, and is part of the finance and premises committee.  He is married to Debbie, a speech and language therapist, and has two daughters; Olivia (in CVJS) and Sophie (in CVIS).


Sarah Howard - Co-opted Governor 

My name is Sarah Howard and I have two children at CVJS; one in Year 6 and one in Year 4.  My job as a teacher has enabled me to use my knowledge and skills to be part of the Governing Body at CVJS and support the school.  CVJS is a fantastic school and I feel proud to be part of it.


Richard Berry - Co-opted Governor

Richard is the Head of Finance at Gloucestershire College, and has over 20 years of finance/accounting experience. He has previously worked as an accountant for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon, and a manufacturing company in Stroud. Richard is married to Kate and they have 2 daughters, Charlotte (CVJS) and Amelia (CVIS), plus a 60+ year old tortoise called Petey.


Gemma Miller - Staff Governor 

Miss Miller has been a Staff Governor since September 2018. She has taught at Churchdown Village Junior School since 2017. She is currently a class teacher in Year 6 and, as an ex-CVJS pupil herself, is very passionate about the school. Gemma teaches maths to all pupils in Year 6 and has developed the mastery approach to maths in her lessons. She is an excellent practitioner and a real asset to both the school and the governing body.


Stick Delaney - Parent Governor

I was delighted to be appointed as a Parent Governor in September 2018.  As well as being a member of the Full Governing Body I am a member of the Finance & Premises Committee and am one of two governors allocated to Year 6.  I also have a specific role involving Complaints, Staff Grievance & Discipline, Exclusions Panels.


I am proud to be an ex-serviceman who served in numerous operational tours over 10-years.  I am currently a Civil Servant and live in Churchdown.  I am married to Jo and we have two children, our youngest currently in Year 5. I have years of experience involving numerous staff representative committees and was formerly the Union Secretary at my current employer, representing 2500-staff.  I believe the skills and knowledge I have built up over the years will be of benefit to the School Governing Body.


I continue to be astounded at the amount of work that goes on in the background, which enables the school to function so efficiently in support of our children. We have a fantastic school and I hope to be able to continue to support it during my time as a school governor.


Ruth Devery - Co-opted Governor

I became a co-opted governor in December 2019 and have lived in Churchdown for 6 years. I currently work in HR at St James Place and am married to Kieran, a local police constable, and have 2 sons; Marcus (in CVJS) and George (in CVIS).


Fiona Wilyman - Co-opted Governor

I became a co-opted governor in December 2019. I settled in the local area after returning from a period of living overseas. I have two children, both of a primary school age. I am a registered psychologist and have been in active practice in the criminal justice field for almost twenty years. I believe strongly that all children can excel when supported and encouraged, and hope to be able to bring my professional expertise to support all at CVJS in constantly striving for the best in our pupils.


Gill Blackwell - LA Governor

I am currently the Local Authority Governor for the School.  I have lived in Churchdown over 30 years and know the village well.  I am currently the Borough Councillor for the area as well.