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lockdown memories

As we return to 'normal' school life at CVJS, we wanted to leave some reminders of the work that we did during the difficult times during the pandemic. We thought it was a timely reminder of the joys of homeschooling that we all faced over the past few years!


A reminder of the CVJS home schooling experience!

Here's a reminder of some of the videos, letters and activities that we provided for you last year during lockdown. 


 Keeping in touch videos and newsletters

Y4 iSingPOP (3rd July)

Year 5 Life In Lockdown (29th June 2020)

Year 4 Life In Lockdown (28th June 2020) 

Year 3 Life In Lockdown (24th June 2020)

Y4 iSingPOP (23rd June 2020)

 Life in Lockdown (17th June 2020)

A guided tour of the school in preparation for Monday 1st June (28th May 2020)

 Keeping in touch video from Mr Bacon (22nd May 2020)

 CVJS SATs 2020 (17th May 2020)

 Year 6 SATs week 2020 (8th May 2020)

 Virtual tour of CVJS (8th May 2020)   A chance for new parents to have a tour of the school.

 Reading with the staff (4th May 2020)   Try to guess the famous books.

 A message to the children of Y6 (1st May 2020)

 We miss you. A video from everyone at CVJS (20th April 2020)

 Keeping in touch video from Mr Bacon (17th April 2020)

 Keeping in touch video from Mr Bacon (1st April 2020)



 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 10th July)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 3rd July)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 26th June)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 19th June)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 12th June)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 5th June)

CVJS Newsletter (Fri 29th May)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 22nd May)

 School Closure Update (Information for parents in Y3, Y4 and Y5 (Tues 19th May)

 School reopening for children in Year 6 (Fri 15th May)

 School closure update following Prime Minister's announcement (Mon 11th May)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 8th May)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 1st May)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 24th April)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 17th April)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 3rd April)

 CVJS Newsletter (Fri 27th March)





First News (Fri 19th June - Thurs 25th June)

First News (Fri 12th June - Thurs 18th June)

First News (Fri 5 June - Thurs 11th June)

First News (Fri 29th May - Thurs 4th June)

First News (Fri 22nd May - Thurs 28th May)

First News (Fri 15th May - Thurs 21st May)

First News (Fri 8th May - Thurs 14th May)

First News (Fri 1st May - Thurs 7th May)

First News (Fri 24th April - Thurs 30th April)

First News (Fri 117th April- Thurs 23rd April) 

First News (Fri 10th April- Thurs 16th April) 

First News (Fri 3rd April - Thurs 9th April)

First News (Fri 27th March - Thurs 2nd April)

Assembly songs

All Over The World

Thank You

Lighting Up The World

Viva Forever

Just The Way You Are



 Online learning platforms 

The links below will take you to the web pages for these online resources. You should have your user names and passwords already. If you can't remember them, contact your teacher via Google Classroom and they will be able to help you out.


BBC Bitesize 

 The BBC have launched a fab range of daily lessons that can be used by children at home. Although this is an online activity, everything is there and ready for you to use. It is completely free too!


Google Classroom 

You can use Google Classroom to upload work and to keep in touch with your teachers. If you've forgotten your username, it is the first 4 letters of your first name, the first letter of your surname and the year that you will leave CVJS - followed by

(The year for Y6 is 20, for Y5 it is 21, for Y4 it is 22 and for Y3 it is 23).

So, Santa Claus in Year 3 would be

If you have forgotten your password, please email and we can reset it for you.


Times Table Rockstars 

All pupils at CVJS have free access to this maths website. You can download it as an APP too. You do have your own usernames and passwords - but you can register with new details (for free) if you have forgotten these.



 There are 2 parts to this fabulous resource. The part that we've used most at CVJS is the coding section. However, if you go to the Espresso pages, there are hundreds of resources for you to look at! Just go to the 'log in' button and enter username student14049 and password cvjs1234



These are some great resources that can be used at home to work through with your children. They talk about feelings and emotions and are differentiated for children of different ages. We use lots of Facts4Life resources at school and we like them a lot. Definitely worth a look.

 COVID-19 Q & A

 w/c 20th April

 w/c 27th April           w/c 27th April (trickier sheet)

 w/c 4th May              w/c 4th May (trickier sheet)


The Book of Hopes  

A free book, packed full of stories and poems from over 100 children's writers and illustrators. It may well be published in the future, but it is available completely free at the moment.


Year group specific activities


                      YEAR 3          YEAR 4


               YEAR 5          YEAR 6


Suggested Daily Timetable



It is important, we feel, to get into a routine during the coming weeks. Although not compulsory, the following timetable might be a suggestion.